The Origin and Destiny of Humanness

An Interpretation of the Gospel According to Matthew
Published by Chora-Strangers, originally Omega Books/Crystal Press
ISBN: 0-89353-016-6


On the basis of a literary-critical and historical-critical interpretation, this book concludes that Matthew's Gospel was addressed to Christian Jews who were being persecuted by their fellow Jews because they acknowledged Jesus to be their long-awaited Messiah.

The Gospel structures the life and career of Jesus according to a Pentateuchal design, and each of the five books is composed of narrative and discourse. The Pentateuchal structure however, is shattered by the death and resurrection of Jesus which is narrated in chapters 26-28 after the five books of narrative and discourse have been concluded at 26:1. The Evangelist's objective is to convince these addressees that they now constitute the New Israel and are therefore the true people of God.

"And then, into this tasteless heap of gold and marble, He came, light and clothed in an aura, emphatically human, deliberately provincial, Galilean, and at that moment gods and nations ceased to be and man came into being…"

Dr. Zhivago
By Boris Pasternak


Book I Narrative 1:1 - 4:25
Discourse 5:1 - 7:27
Transition 7:28 - 29
Origin and Beginnings
The Sermon on the Mount
Book II Narrative 8:1 - 9:35
Discourse 9:36 - 10:42
Transition 11:1
Character of Jesus' Ministry
A Manual of Mission Conduct
Book III Narrative 11:2 - 12:50
Discourse 13:1 - 52
Transition 13:53
Parables of God's Rule
Book IV Narrative 13:54 - 17:27
Discourse 18:1 - 35
Transition 19:1
Preparing and Training Disciples for the Future
Community Conduct and Discipline
Book V Narrative 19:2 - 22:46
Discourse I 23:1 - 39
Discourse II 24:1 - 25:46
Transition 26:1
Return to Judaea and Rejection in Jerusalem
Polemic against Scribes and Pharisees
Shattering Culmination 26:2 - 28:20 Jesus' Death and Resurrection

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